Community Service

As Triangle Fraternity, we take pride in giving back to the community. Our national philanthropy is Habitat for Humanity and we are proud to be active with the local chapter for Habitat in Lexington. We usually participate in two Habitat for Humanity builds a semester, and enjoy being able to help those who are unfortunate while making memories with our brothers. Triangle Fraternity also participates in many various philanthropy events that are put on throughout campus. In addition, Triangle participates in IFC and IGPA sponsored events which raise money for other nonprofit organizations.

Greek Siege

Triangle is committed to improving the community and campus around us. Our National Philanthropy is Habitat for Humanity, and we are very proud to support their efforts. We have an annual Philanthropy event called Greek Siege, which is a water sports event held in the heart of campus. Greek Siege consists of three different events, water balloon dodgeball, Slip-N-Slide kickball, and the Siege. The event produces thousands of dollars for Habitat every year.


Intramurals is one of the best ways Triangle stays active. The brothers compete weekly in numerous events from soccer, and flag football, all the way to table tennis and inner tube water polo. Annually our chapter finishes in the top ten in the fraternity league. Triangle holds sportsmanship in high regard. Our most competitive events are Track and Field and Ultimate Frisbee. During good weather, the brothers hold practices and pick up games to prepare for the seasons and to come together as brothers. No matter what your skill level, participation and enthusiasm are priority over competitive and aggressive play. The brothers of Triangle cherish their intramurals, and enjoy competing and having fun as a chapter


Leadership and the ability to work well in a team are essential parts of any engineering job. University of Kentucky Leadership Advantage (UKLA) is a weekend long program in August for freshman engineering students to learn and practice leadership and team working skills. The camp is hosted by brothers of Triangle Fraternity and the College of Engineering. The goal of UKLA is to get top incoming freshman off and running before they get to campus, and to emerge as leaders within their class. Staying ahead of the game and becoming a leader is key for both the extent of enjoyment in college, and growth as an engineer. Communication and social skills are just as important as engineering knowledge. UKLA gives a head start on developing leadership skills for which every company is searching.