History of Triangle Fraternity

Triangle Fraternity started at the University of Illinois in 1906 when 16 Civil Engineers set out with the goal to create an organization in which like-minded individuals could come together for the mutual good. These men modeled Triangle after other professional fraternities which stressed the importance of academics and clear career goals. The chapter at Illinois was founded on April 15, 1907. Today Triangle chapters still celebrate the 15th of April as Founders day. After getting starting at Illinois, the 16 founders set out to spread Triangle to other colleges with a strong engineering presence in order to expand their brotherhood. The University of Kentucky chapter was the 5th Triangle chapter in the nation, founded on October 31st, 1920. The chapter functioned successfully for 63 long years, but was disbanded in 1983. That was until the early 2000s when Triangle returned to UK as an interest group. The University of Kentucky Chapter was re-chartered on November 12th 2005 and has been a strong presence on UK’s campus ever since.