Who We Are

The Kentucky chapter of Triangle is part of a larger national organization of 37 chapters across the United States. We share a common mission: to develop balanced men who cultivate high moral character, live their lives with integrity, and foster lifelong friendships with men of similar interest in the areas of engineering, architecture, and the sciences.

Triangle is a major selective social fraternity while also having many of the benefits of a professional fraternity. Unlike most other Greek organizations, all of our members are enrolled in similar academic programs. The rigorous courses we study create a lasting bond between Brothers at our university. Brothers are connected in their majors by study groups and academic support, which allows them to network successfully with classmates. There are many professional organizations which cater to the same majors from which we select members, and Triangle Brothers are not barred from joining outside organizations if they wish to develop additional leadership and networking opportunities.

The Kentucky chapter is a perfect balance of academic, social, athletic, and professional development for men in technical fields. Triangle men are dedicated to academic success while striving to have a fulfilling social life and develop professional skills. Though we share a common interest in scientific and technical careers, Triangle offers members a close group of brothers with a range of unique interests and personalities.

With opportunity and direction, Triangle Brothers grow and develop the skills they need to be successful not only in college but in life after college as well. The brotherhood we have created on our campus since our re-founding in 2005 has continued to grow and develop with our members. A continued dedication to our core values and principles connects us to the many brothers that have joined and graduated before us. Being a member of Triangle is dedication to more than oneself. Our organization is larger than all of us but without each member’s commitment to brotherhood, it is nothing.

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